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Our mission:
We are a Lagos based Support Servicing Firm.
We design
We do costing
We do quality review
And we implement our designs & install all needed requirement to make our design successful.

Our competence are :
Mobile Media studio & Live Mobile Video Streaming Services.
- Mobile video marketing
- Mobile video production
- Mobile video Publishing
- Event Coverage
- Live video streaming with Twitter, Facebook , Youtube , Skype call integration for Live event & News coverage.

Premium Marketing.
- Value creation sales strategy

Performance Improvement.
Our focus is to :
- Build human capacity ( Digital Library and Resource Sharing Services )
- Build intelligent smart cities and homes.

“ Media must be connecting to creating Awareness,... must be engaging and influencing.
Engaging to find unmet needs plus solution, interactive to find a solution, interactive to influence decision. Your job as a media planner, media buyer, advertiser, marketer /company is to get new customer, the new customer to spend money, get the customer to spend more money. Also you must retain your customer, in order to sell more product to them . Finally, to build your brand. Try Mobile video marketing to help you connect, interact and engage your target audience.

Start your Media Planning with Premium Marketing First.
Structure of marketing: Marketing has a structure, you must understand it before attempting to make sales.

Marketing is the activities, set of institutions and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offering that have value or add value to your customers, clients, partner and society at large.To break it down
Marketing is getting customer to believe that your products and services are important; that you deliver a better value than your competitors. Marketing is investment and the eye of your company. The moment your marketing department is not functioning at it best, your company would suffer. It therefore means, value creation should be the center focus of your organization.

Value Creation is inevitable, it a part of everyday life. ! ....You must not fail to adjust or adapt value creation strategy.
Now that you know, how special, important marketing is to your company; the success of your marketing is dependent on your ability to create value.

“ Performance Management.. Don't just manage your performance – improve it, become efficient..
The fundamental goal of performance management is to promote,improve your effectiveness and efficiency. It is a continuous process, it about capacity building, adaptation of technology to become more productive and efficient. To development of an effective performance system, you should take a moment to consider and review the limitation of the present system, how can you make the system better, effective and efficient.

To become effective , efficient and productive as part of your performance improvement, you should consider doing the following :
• you probably need to audit your present system to see our effective, efficient and productive it is.
• Continuously share resources.
• Comprehensive orientation and training.
• Set-up a positive and supportive efficient systems.
• Continuous education and learning...Never stop learning if not you become outdated.
• Apply Information and Technologies to shape your systems.

Quote From :

Pere Anthony

(Business Director Support Services de Elgiga Limited:)

" Media influence the world must own your media to be in control of your own world."
" To make money you most understand marketing...start and think value creation from today."
" To improve your performance.... capacity building, resource sharing and technology adaptation is the way forward to become more efficient."

Every successful brand ...own her own media, continuously market her products & services in-order to make more money and never forget to improve on her performance and systems.

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  • Dec 18, 2014 Braine Tropher says : Via Email

    Thanks, your Article is full of insight. And i quote you : " First, your media planning must ensures your message are compelling, engaging and interactive." one way to achieve the quote , try Gamification.

  • Feb 19, 2015 Halima Madaki says : Via TextSMS

    Lovely article, it explains in practice the application of Maslow hierarchy of need & Buyers cycle in media planning and advertisement.